We want to be solid in our weekly programming and in our outreach into the community.  When you come to visit, hopefully you will not see us swaying back and forth with the social culture or political correctness of the day.  Hopefully you will see a group of people who love Jesus and know that it is only through His sacrifice that we can look forward to an eternity with God in Heaven.

We look forward to having you visit.  If you are looking for a church family that is focused on being Christ-like in our behavior and His witnesses in the world, I believe you will find us striving to fulfill that.  We certainly don’t attain perfection but we encourage each other to do the best we can.

Innovative, Missional, Purposeful, Accountable, Collaborative, and Transformative


Our Men’s Ministry provides opportunities for men to learn with and from each other as we seek God’s unique calling for us as friends, role models, fathers, and leaders. We strive to be a group of men who welcome anyone seeking to follow Jesus and are brave enough to be real, confessing sin and seeking repentance.


Our vision at Bethel is to equip and mobilize men and women where they live, work, and play so that we might see family, city, and world renewal. Know that our staff would love to meet with you anytime to see how you might benefit from these discipleship avenues for women, or from joining a women’s discipleship group.

Connect, Disciple, Care

Family, Fellowship


Every second Friday of the month we host a Movie Night.  Invite a friend or neighbor to Movie. We want our Movie nights to be no-pressure events, encouraging people who might not otherwise attend to visit and find out what your church is all about.


At Bethel, your children are a top priority. Our nursery is clean and safe for infants up to 3 years old. Junior church is available up to 1st graders.

Safe, Loving, Supportive, Fun

Have a question? Contact us and we will get back to you!